RUT955 FW 00.07.06 Firmware Update

Hello Teltonika Support. Today, December 27th, 2023, I tried an update of the RUT955 firmware from version to version 00.07.06 (menu “System>Firmware>Update Firmware”).
Attempt 1: Update from a file
Attempt 2: Update from server
In both cases, the displayed router firmware (menu “System>Firmware>Update Firmware”), “Current Firmware Information” remained at, and 00.07.06 was still found under “Firmware Available On Server”. A reboot (menu “System>Reboot”) was also unsuccessful. In the menu “System>Maintenance>Events Log”, tab “System Events”, several events “image signature not present” could be found around the time the update took place.
What’s going on here?


Thanks for reaching us.

Factory reset:

Reset Button: The reset button, located on the front of the device, can be used to either reboot the device or perform a factory reset.

SMS: A factory reset can also be performed by sending an SMS message with the text “<router_password> restore” to the device. The password should be replaced with the actual router password.

Command Line: The factory reset can be executed via the command line using the “firstboot” command, followed by confirmation. The device is then rebooted to its factory settings.

Bootloader Menu: The bootloader menu is a special recovery tool for inaccessible devices. Users can access it by following specific steps, which include setting a static IP address on their computer to interact with the router’s HTTP server. This menu is used for upgrading firmware or bootloader versions.

RMA: If standard recovery methods are ineffective, the device may need to be sent for warranty repair. for that one you have to contact for one of the sales manager in teltonika.


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Hello Louey, thank you for your answer. Did you suggest a factory reset and afterwards installing 00.07.06 again? I begin to hate this device. So often I’ve configured the device from scratch. For what reason does the device offer “keep configuration”? It’s worthless!
Thanks in advance. BR Guenther


“Keep configuration” feature is valid if the device has a lot of configuration that must remain, for example such as if the client configured VPN to 100 Clients so that it is valid for the time being to not configure it again from scratch.


Hello Louay, thank you for your answer. This is a contradictory situation. You want a firmware with as few errors as possible (Teltonika has fixed dozens of bugs in the 7.x versions in the past few months), but you run the risk of losing your configuration when updating this firmware as in my case. So what does the customer who has configured 100 VPN clients do? Should he live with the firmware errors so as not to lose his configuration? Probably not!
But no matter, neither of us will be able to answer these questions conclusively. I’m going to bite the bullet and do a factory reset; hopefully it will then be possible to install 00.07.06. Thanks and greetings Guenther

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Kindly before doing the firmware upgrade we would like you, to take a copy of the device’s backup and troubleshoot file in order to secure a copy of your current configuration for any circumstances, It is advisable to perform the firmware upgrade when the device is physically accessible to you or if you can ensure remote access through RMS or SMS Utilities as backup access.


Hello Louay, thanks for your answer. The short period of time with issue state “open” will be over in 6 hours. Currently I cannot spend time to follow your advise. So we will be blocked in communication! How will we be able to continue this issue? This is another point of criticism concerning this new portal. I have already lost issues by this approach. This is not an adequate behavior of a company acting in professional industrial environment. Sorry to write this. Would you please postpone the cutoff of this issue. Thanks and BR Guenther

@GuentherGredy you could try remotely resetting to factor defaults and using RMS to configure or upload the current config?

Just a thought.

Hello DJI9, thank you very much for your attention and your suggestion. Luckily I still have access to the web interface to reset to factory defaults. I don’t use RMS because I only have one RUT955 that I use in my camper. However, it’s more on the workbench instead of in the car. Best regards Guenther

Hi @GuentherGredy I understand, I think you get one free license for testing, so might get you out of a corner at some point.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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