RUT955 FW A question concerning Multi APs

Hello Support,

under the menu Network>Wireless>SSIDs I have configured a “Multi AP” with two access points (APs). Only one of the two is always available. There is a switch next to each of the APs and also a switch in the header of the AP table.

Now I wanted to turn off the AP, which is currently not accessible or not needed, using its switch (as described in the manual at “RUT955 Wireless - Teltonika Networks Wiki). So, if I switch off one of the APs, the switch in the table header is also switched off. This then results in the failover status changing from “Standby” to “Offline”.

After playing with the switches for a while, it turned out that the “Standby” or “Online” status could only be achieved if all APs were switched on.

Question: What are the switches in the AP table of a multi AP configuration for?

From my point of view the logic behind is wrong. Shouldn’t it work like this? The user can switch off individual APs and as long as not all APs are switched off, the switch in the header stays on. In addition, a user can switch off the switch in the table header, and all APs are switched off, while switching on the switch in the table header, all APs are switched on.

Thanks and BR Guenther


thank you for your information. Based on your case, I have tried to replicate your issue in my lab by using RUT955 with firmware version RutOS and I haven’t found the same issue as you mentioned. For example, the following is my configuration for Multi AP and Failover:

As an explanation about the test above, when I tried to disable one access point configuration on the Multi AP configuration, the Failover status for the wifi0 interface was still on Standby and had not changed to Offline.

I suggest you check the following configuration since these configurations can affect the Online status for the wifi0 interface in the Failover service:

  1. ensure the SSID name and the password is correct;
  2. the SSID for Multi AP mode has been enabled;
  3. the wifi0 interface has been enabled.

Regarding the functionality of the Access Points toggle, the toggle is used to enable the added access point configuration. Meanwhile, the top toggle functions to enable all the toggles below it which means to enable all the added access point configurations. If you only want to enable specific access point configurations you can enable the toggle according to the selected access point configuration, in this case, the top toggle will be disabled because the top toggle can only be enabled if you enable all access point configurations or you can say this toggle also works as an indicator if the all access point configurations are enabled for Multi AP mode.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Alam N.

Hello Alam, thank you for your explanations.

I have configured two APs and each one has an SSID and a PW; so I think your enumeration point 1. is fulfilled. So what do you mean with “2. the SSID for Multi AP mode has been enabled;”?

Currently I have severe problems getting the router connected to my home WLAN at all. So I cannot try out the test cases above. But I will come back as soon as possible.

I would be happy if you could explain to me what I am asking further up.

Thanks a lot and BR Guenther


for point number 2, you can check it on the SSDIs page in the WebUI as shown in the image below:

Thank you.

Best regards,
Alam N.

Good morning Alam, thank you very much!

What is the semantic of the SSID in this view,

  1. The SSID of the first configured AP or
  2. The SSID of the currently active AP?

Thank you, BR Guenther

Hello Alam,
as I mentioned, I have problems connecting the RUT955 to my home network via an AP nearby.

I have powered up the router and disconnected LAN and MOB1S1A1 to force the router to communicate via wifi0. After a while I can see the connection in my FritzBox under “Active Connections” as follows:

Please refer to the following screenshots according RUT955:




Please find enclosed the troubleshoot file:
troubleshoot-RUT955-2024-01-29.tar.gz (161.7 KB)

Can you please have a look on this?

Thanks in advance and BR Guenther

Hello Alam,

here is my next test. In order to give a marker in the troubleshoot file I started the test at 17:00. I give you the steps which can be seen on the router’s WebUI. In addition I attach the troubleshoot file (refer to time stamp 17:00).
Test precondition:
To force the router to communicate via WLAN
I removed the antenna from MOB1S1A1
I disabled MOB1S2A1
I unplugged the LAN cable from WAN

17:00 Power Up
Status wifi0:offline (it should work latest after a few minutes)
Information box: Mobile network rejection was recently detected
… Wait … Wait …
17:26 Status wifi0:online
17:26 Event Report: Switched to backup WAN (ifWan1)
17:28 I saved troubleshoot file
A stable communication was possible now.

So, it took nearly half an hour until the router connected to an home AP, 3 m aside the router.
Can you see anything strange in the troubleshoot file?

troubleshoot-RUT955-2024-01-29_V2.tar.gz (165.6 KB)

Thanks and BR Guenther

Good morning Teltonika Support, I recently noted that there were problems establishing a WiFi connection in my home network and that I therefore had to suspend further processing of the actual request. In the meantime I was able to determine that the problem was due to the transmission power being set too high; apparently there was an overload or something similar and therefore the connection could not be established. By default, the transmission power is mentioned to be relatively high (100%, refer to online manual), I reduced it and the connection was established.
We can close this request. Due to the short period of time in which the request still allows comments, I will no longer pursue it and, after further testing, may submit a new request on the original topic. Thank you so much so far. Many greetings, Guenther

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