RUT955 FW 00.07.05 Status>Network>LAN No.2

The device I’m configuring the RUT955 is not shown in the table of “DHCP LEASES” under menu “Status>Network>LAN”.


Perhaps the device is using a static IP in the RUT955 LAN range?
Could you also check if the device is visible in the ARP table by navigating to Status → Routes → Static?

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Good Morning, Daumantas, thanks for your answer.
Meanwhile I have factory reset the device, because there were other strange things after update to 07.05.00 with configuration data kept; this is always an unpleasant step because it involves a lot of work. Now the statuses in “Status>Network>LAN” and “Status>Network>Topology” are consistent.
Perhaps it is an unwritten rule to reconfigure the device from scratch when updating to a major version. In any case, I can only recommend this to everyone.
Thanks anyway for your support. BR Guenther

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