RUT955 FW 00.07.05 Status>Network>LAN No.1

After connecting my handy via local access point it is immediately shown under “DHCP LEASES” under the menu "Status>Network>LAN.
Yet it is not removed if disconnected.

Hi Guenther!

“handy” is not an english word - they might not understand what you mean.
The correct term is “mobile” or “mobile phone”.

Just wanted to let you know.
Timelapse Admin

And - the dhcp lease is kept until the lease time runs
out - so that’s the correct behaviour.

Timelapse Admin


@timelapsesystems is correct. The DHCP lease is kept on the router for the entire DHCP lease period. It can be deleted via the CLI by modifying the /tmp/dhcp.leases file or by simply rebooting the router.
It is also possible to shorten the lease time by navigating to Network → LAN → edit the LAN interface and under the DHCP server option shortening the lease time:

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Hello Daumantas, @timelapsesystems - Thank you very much for explanations. Regards Guenther

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