RUT955 FW 00.07.05 Event Reporting

Dear Teltonika Support, I have configured my router with the above firmware so that it should send a message for the following events.

  1. Event Type: WAN Failover, Event subtype: switched to failover
  2. Event Type: WAN Failover, Event subtype: switched to main.

In the test case, I have the status “online” over WAN and the status “standby” over WiFi0. Now I interrupt the WAN connection, the status changes to WAN=“offline” and WiFi0=“online”; I also get the message under 1). Now I connect WAN to my home network again, the status changes to WAN=“online” and WiFi=“standby”. So far so good. However, I don’t receive the message under 2). Clearly I’m misunderstanding something here. Under what conditions is message 2) generated? Thank you. Kind regards Guenther


Indeed, it seems that on v7.05 firmware, when the failover switches back to the MAIN interface, the event reporting does not send an SMS. It does send an SMS when it switches to a backup interface. This issue has been forwarded to our RnD department and should be fixed in the future.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Kind Regards,

Hello AndzejJ, thank you very much for your answer.
In this context, I have been wondering for a long time what information content the “(Main)” in the Status>Overview menu behind the active interface has; it always moves with the currently active interface. Why don’t you put the same information in color behind the interfaces as in the failover screen, i.e. “(offline)” in red, “(online)” in green and “(standby)” in orange. This way a user would have the best overview. Thank you for your attention. Many greetings, Guenther

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