RUT955 FW 00.07.05 A general question concerning EOL

Hello, dear Teltonika Support Team, since the introduction of the 7.x versions (RutOS) you have solved hundreds of issues in the firmware; I refer in particular to the change log of the latest version 07.05. I think it’s no exaggeration to say that the introduction of RutOS was a re-factoring of the firmware. Given this background and the EOL announcement that has already been made, I am interested in whether the EOL date is a fixed date and any further development of the firmware will be stopped with it, or whether the stability, reliability and quality of this router is at the forefront of your product strategy. Thanks and BR Guenther

You can run "official"openwrt on the RUT955. I am doing this on a large fleet, already for years.

Hello speibl, thanks for your hint. An interesting idea. What are the drawbacks concerning current feature set of Teltonika’s 07.05? With a deeper look inside, who is porting the openwrt firmware to RUT955? Who is developing the board support package (software layer model: application software, board support package, hardware). Is there a procedure described how to do this step reliably? Which know how is necessary to perform this step? Thanks and BR Guenther

There is a basic, ‘‘official’’ openwrt firmware image, to be flashed to the RUT955. The functionality of which is a small subset of all the features, 07.05 offers. However, more recent packages and kernel in ‘‘official’’ openwrt image. But, it is completely open source. Whereas Teltonikas stuff is not. I did a lot of customization, as a freelancer, on the ‘‘official’’ openwrt for the RUT955: wan/wifiwan/wwan with auto-failover; ModBus/RTU to low level sensors (polling, pre-processing of certain low-level events using LUA code); data queuing in case no web access; remote config of RUT955 via mqtt; mqtt to AWS-IoT; fw update OTA; remote access via wireguard. You will notice, that there are several functions, done myself, which are part of Teltonikas stuff. But only necssary functions, without redundancy. And some functionality, which is practically impossible to do on 07.05, like special LUA code, which processes certain low-level events, received via ModBus. Of course, such work only makes sense in case of large fleet of RUT955.

Hello speibl, thanks a lot for your reply. As I understood, it’s a bit work for a specialist to switch over to openwrt. I don’t have the time to do this. Regardless of the fact, that I’m a bit upset about Teltonika’s firmware quality and performance since migration to 7.x versions, I think I have to stay with it and accept the drawbacks. Thanks again and BR Guenther

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