RUT955 First Mobile Connection

I am attempting to integrate the RUT955 into equipment that is shipped globally from our factory. I have a SIM card provider with global coverage with plans configured for our factory location (for testing) along with the destination country.

As part of the RUT955 setup process, I am inserting a provisioned SIM card into the SIM1 tray. The APN for SIM 1 is also being modified. It seems that no matter the amount of time the unit is left powered up, it will not make an initial registration onto an allowed network. I have to manually scan for operators and manually register on a network.

My concern is that after the equipment is delivered to the end user, the RUT955 will not automatically connect to an authorized network in the destination country. If I have to perform a manual connection the first time for each network operator, I have no way to initially touch the device in the destination country to perform this.

Am I missing a configuration setting or routine to tell the RUT955 to automatically connect to any authorized network?


Could you clarify the firmware version in use for the deployment of the devices?
What is the order code of the RUT955 (Status → System), and which country are you located in?
Make sure that you are either using the global variants of the devices, or the device order code matches the destination country. More information can be found here: RUT955 - 4G/LTE RS232/RS485 Router. If the issue is that, for example, the European market devices are being used in Latin America, this could cause the prolonged registration of the device.

By default, RUT will try connecting to the first network it finds. If it gets Denied message, it will try the next available network. While this could take longer when compared to regular operator SIMs, it should register on one of them.
Either way, this issue is quite hard to diagnose without having access to the logs of the device. However, as these logs contain sensitive information, a public forum is not the best place to post them. If you’re in contact with one of our sales managers or the reseller, I’d recommend getting in touch with them, as they will be able to provide a faster support.

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