RUT955 doesn't connect to RMS automatically

RUT955 doesn’t connect to RMS automatically, after turning it on by connecting it to the power supply, The parameter RMS connection is set ‘enabled’ though.
How can I solve this problem ?
The device has been registered to RMS already.
SIM is set inside the device, and the mobile communication is available.
The farmware is customized based on the version 7.05, for managing home energy devices.
I confirmed that it is possible to make the RUT955 connect to RMS manually by pushing the connect button on web UI, with LAN cable connected PC to the device.
But it is not what we’d like to do.
We are thinking that it’s preferable to make it connect to RMS automatically.
As a behavior, it is contrary to the specification, we think.

with best wishes,
Jun Tamaru.

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