RUT955 DNS not working for LAN


We have a RUT955 ( running and are experiencing DNS issues on the LAN.

From the RUT955 we can resolve (uses the DNS configured through CLI, as the GUI wasn’t working). A LAN client with DNS configured as the RUT955 in unable to resolve

On the LAN device, when we do a nslookup the server is RUT955.lan and address and it gives the following error;

No internal type for both IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses (A+AAAA) records available for

Is there something I can check or am I missing a piece of configuration?

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Is the issue specific to or it fails to resolve other hostnames as well? What DNS servers are you using? You can check the DNS servers used via the following command:

cat /tmp/resolv.conf.d/

You can try disabling DNS rebind protection in the DNS settings. This helps if the DNS returns a private IP address.

Also, you can try using DHCP option 6 to push a DNS server to LAN clients instead of relying on RUT to forward them. If you push the DNS servers to the LAN clients directly, are they able to resolve the hostname properly?

Additionally, the firmware version you are using is quite old. Therefore, I would suggest updating the firmware if it is possible. Since the differences between your current firmware and the new one are quite subtantial, you would have to update the device with the ‘keep settings’ option disabled, and reconfigure the device manually.

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Hi AndzejJ,

I updated the firmware to 6.9.5 and now it seems to work fine. So possibly a firmware issue indeed.


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