RUT955 Corrupt Serial & Mac URGENT

We have had numberous RUT955’s that have lost connection to RMS, on investigation it was down to a corrupt serial number and mac addres, which one of the tech guys remoted in and rebuilt.

We have another one thats gone the same, only this is on a time critical system, so hoping we can get some direct help as a priority.

Unfortunately due to the move to the new system, I have lost my emails where I was dealing with one of the Teltonika guys over the same issue.

I believe it was ZygimantasBliu who helpded to restore the device, did an excellent job

Thanks Guys


I assume that you already know then that additional information is needed and a remote session will need to be arranged. Unfortunately, all communication on the new forum is public and private communication here is not feasible. Hence, it is recommended that you reach out to your designated sales manager or the reseller from whom you acquired the device in question. They will be able to assist you in addressing this matter more effectively. If this is not feasible, you can fill in the ‘Contact us’ form here . If you decide to fill in the form, please, explain the situation.

Apologies for the inconvinience.

Kind Regards,

Yep I have sent the email over.

This new system really is a backward step for Teltonika, means support is going to take a lot longer, given that I have 350+ devices out in the field, if I need Teltonika support its usually needed quickly.

Shame really

It would seem moving to this platform as managed to get Teltonika out of supporting their product.

You cannot DM anyone, I emailed support 4 days ago and not even a word out of them. This is a critical situation with a failed router. If this is the way Teltonika support is going to be, I will pull my last 150 RUT955/956 and get them back to the supplier, we cant work like this.

I shall now speak to the account manager so he can arrange collection of devices and we will go down another route.

Having done custom firmware for a fleet of 100+ RUT955 (based on “official” openwrt), incl. remote config via VPN (plus ModBus/RTU, Auto-failover wan/wifiwan/wwan, firmware update OTA, MQTT to AWS-IOT, failover between 2 SIMs etc.), you might also consider dropping RMS and DIY.

I would be interested in further info on your project, maybe a good route for me. I did look at OpenWRT previously, perhaps I should use one of my sacraficial Tonkas to see.


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