RUT955 cannot initiate mobile connection using SIM with fixed public ip address


On my test setup I have 3 teltonika rut955 and 2 sim cards from the same operator (T-mobile). One SIM card was configured by the operator to provide fixed public IP address for access via WAN. All devices work well and have been tested at least for couple of weeks.

In the past I have used this setup with RUT950 and RUT955 without a problem. Only recently I ran into an issue with the new batch of RUT955 routers - only SIM cards with regular internet connection work.
To describe it further:

  • I use a regular operator issues 4G sim card with internet access - no problems, 4g LTE connection is instantly obtained and works great;
  • I replace the SIM card with a different one form the same operator only configured by the operator to provided fixed public WAN ip address - this setup only work on older RUT955 devices. Out of the box the 2 different RUT955 devices with serial number 1111xxxxxx Batch no: 102 do not accept this special sim card.
    If I use the same sim card with RUT955 T033B0 Batch no:052 with serial 1102xxxxxx the WAN connection with fixed ip is immediately established.

All 3 rut955 were upgraded to latest FW [RUT9_R_00.07.06.3],
Only the MODEM FW is different
The two rut955 devices ont working are * Internal modem firmware version EC25EUGAR06A03M4G_01.003.01.003

The Rut955 working with the sim is EC25EUGAR06A07M4G_01.001.01.001

What am I missing and why after so many years of using SIM card with fixed public IP I am no longer able to do so with the latest RUT955s ?

Screenshot of the screen where it can be seen that the router just waits for mobile connection to occur, but it never does.

Thank you,

Hi, did you put the APN to get fixed IP address? Also on device which is working, modem firmware is newer, so need to update the modem also.

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