Rut955 can set lan port 1 class B and port 2 class c ip?

my solution is set lan port 1 class B, port 2 class c and routing two port lan
RUT955 Can do this?

Theoretically YES. Practically I can do this on my RUT955, running ‘official’ openwrt. Would need some more custom mods, though, to break up br-lan, the bridge between the LAN-ports.


Based on your question, you want to set LAN port 1 with a Class B IP address ( and LAN port 2 with a Class C IP address ( Yes, the RUT955 can indeed be configured to assign different IP address ranges to each LAN port.

Here are the steps,

  • Access your device WebUI by typing your Routers Private or Public IP in your browser (my router has private IP

  • Next, navigate to Network Vlan Port Based

  • Now you’ll need to add a new VLAN.

  • Now navigate to Network Interfaces

  • Add a new instance.

  • Now a new window for your interface configuration will pop up:

  • Next, go to the “PHYSICAL SETTINGS

  • Select your newly created VLAN in the Interface drop-down

  • if you’ve configurated everything correctly your new Interface should be running like in my case:

  • Now I can access WebUI by typing both of VLAN.

  • I have connected to the device with the IP address using Putty. After establishing the connection, I attempted to ping the IP address, and I can confirm that the ping was successful.


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