RUT951 certification question

Hey team,
I’ve writing this to intend to know about the RUT951 certification things.
As far as I knew this product was dedicated for the global so do this gateway has any of the US Verizon or AT&T?

Hey, is anyone could give me a update of this question?

You can check the certification of your device directly on the web, at the provider. At least at Verizon I did this myself for RUT955.


Devices under the product code RUT951 A******1* are certified for use in the AT&T network you can see on the site link: IoT Certified Device

Also, RUT951 device can be found on the AT&T website among certified devices. to view about the AT&T information please visit AT&T IoT Marketplace

Coming to Verizon, it is the largest wireless communications service provider in the U.S. and one of the largest communication technology companies in the world.

Devices under the product codes RUT951 A******1* are certified for use in the Verizon network.

To see a demonstration of the RUT901 device featured on Verizon, please visit Verizon Open Development | device

Also, you can always view available certificates on our Teltonika Networks wiki here for your reference:

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