RUT951 and 956 does not connect with other Mobile Networks

Hello team,

I have several of these routers RUT951, RUT956 and TRB140 with the same IoT sim cards.

When select mannually the Network Operator with the TRB ones works fine with all the Operators but with the RUT models I only have connection with only one network operator.

If I select a different Operator Network in this RUT models, I got the following:

  • Operator: N/A
  • Operator state: “Limited service”
  • Data connection stage: Disconnected

All of them has same 00.07.06 firmware version and settings and performed a hard reset and nothing changed.

Any useful informtion will be appreciated.


Hi, is correct APN used? At least is it same as in TRB? Try to use empty APN.


Thank you for your answer.

Yes, same APN as in TRB, also left empty but it is the same behaviour.
The only thing i have seen different between models configuration is when scanning the Operator:

TRB: I have connection with all but not with Yoigo:

RUT: Orange is the ony one that connects:

Maybe something related with Network type?

Is RUT and TRB have same network types configured?

Are all antennas attached?

Yes, same antennas and newtork types in Auto Mode in both routers:




Maybe some kind of IMSI lock is enabled and TRB modem’s IMEI is whitelisted only?

Also what modules and firmware versions are in both devices?

00.07.06 FW version in both models

Do you know where I can check this?
It is strange becasue the behaviour is the same in all the units I have tested for the moment. (7 TRBs and 2 RUTs). Also checked the Product Code of both models and are correct for my region.

If SIM is working in other devices, then IMEI lock is not active.

I mean, what modem firmwares are, not the router’s. You can check it in firmware update page in WebUI

Both versions are quite old, hmm. If APN is correct and all settings are the same, maybe I suggest to contact your SIM provider, maybe they can provide you more information about why RUT cannot connect to the network.

Is there any way to check the latest version and download the modem’s firmware in the web? I only see the Firmware of the device itself…


Quick update, I moved to another city and checked again and now the RUT routers connect to the other Network Operators.


Hi, really interesting. You definitely need to contact your provider about it.

Why the provider? I would say qit is something related with the modem of the RUTs because the TRBs have same antennas and settings and they connect more easily in every location…

But RUT is working in other location. Also “Limited service” indicates that for some reason network won’t let device to connect and pushes it to emergency services only.

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