RUT950 RMS Issues/Strange MAC address

RUT950 will not connect to RMS. I am also unable to upgrade the firmware beyond 06.09.5 without getting a blank screen after WebUI login (clearing cache and DNS didn’t help). I have tried updating through the bootloader and the WebUI. Bootloader won’t allow me to update firmware straight to 7.XX.X and gives me checksum errors. Any ideas? The device has Internet access. Is the MAC address below relevant for RMS?


Apologies for the delayed response. Regarding firmware updates, devices with legacy design (RUT950XG1XXX) do not support firmware versions RUT9_R-00.07.00 and above. Therefore, the latest firmware compatible with your device is RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.5.

Concerning your RUT950’s MAC address and serial number, it seems this information has been lost and can only be reset by the manufacturer. To effectively resolve this issue, we will need to conduct a remote session where I can assist in restoring the device’s information.
I’ve sent you a form to fill out for further assistance. Once completed, we’ll reach out to you privately to help resolve the issue. Please use ‘5118’ as the ticket ID

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