RUT950 on Cloudconnexa

i use a 950 router on CLOUDCONNEXA service using TK 950 as connector (OPENVPN)
internal ip of router is
1 the Cloudconnexa CONNECTOR is connected correcty on cloudconnexa portal ( light green)
2 cloudconnexa assigned remote client subnet is 100.96.1.xx and also the CONNECTOR ip for rut950 is
3 my pc office subnet is
internal gw is route on internal gw is set a route to 100.96.1.xx with gw
4 wen remote client is connected to cloudconnexa portal are assigned an ip for example
now I CAN PING from a local pc to
now I CAN PING from pc To
but I CAN NOT ping from to
or CAN NOT ping from to or any other pc or device of internal subnet

i have try to set on vpn settings of rut950
push route ""

but when i confirm hang i CANNOT login the web administrator of rut950 i have to hardware reset last backup o configuration also if the vpn with cloudconnexa is still up

all are fully functional until last week the i then I stupidly reset the configuration of rut950 aand I am no longer able to redo the correct configuration
any help

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