RUT950 Failover

Totally new to this system so please go easy.
I have or I think I have managed to set up the RUT950 so that when my Motorhome is parked on the drive the 950 connects to my home Wifi. When away from home the units Failsover to the SIM card. What I would like to do is add my mobile phone so that the unit Failsover from the home Wifi to my mobile phone but when I am away from the Motorhome I would like the unit to failover to the internal SIM card, is this possible?
I’ve tried adding another wireless network (my mobile phone hotspot) but when I try to join the network I get the message “Maximum number of one client for one device allowed to specify few possible clients use Multi Ap”. I’ve tried using Multi AP but this doesent seem to work as the APs don’t appear in the Failover list. Any help appreciated please.


You can connect to one Access Point (AP) per frequency band. This means you can connect to one AP at the 2.4 GHz range and another at the 5 GHz range. If you set up this configuration, you can use two Wi-Fi APs for failover. However, please note that your RUT950 is only capable of operating at 2.4 GHz. Therefore, you’ll only have access to one Wi-Fi failover.

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Thanks Marius, that explains a lot.

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