RUT950 FAILOVER not working

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I’m Florian from Com-IP. I have an issue with all of our RUT950 on production.

We are on the latest firmware and the failover don’t works properly…

I need some help for understand what’s happening because when it’s configurated on failover both interfaces works (we can have traffic on both) but the Teltonika inform status standby for the second interface.

I need some help about it.


In Failover mode only one of the enabled interfaces is active, thus the status “Standby” for the second interface.
By default, once the internet is not reachable on the default interface, the WAN source will be changed to the next one in the list, but the existing connections will not be broken. This was done to avoid interruptions to user experience in cases where the existing connections still work properly. In some cases, it might be better to break the existing connections and re-establish them on another interface. This can be done by pressing the pencil icon on each of the enabled failover interfaces, and adding Connected and Disconnected to the Flush connections on option.
Let me know if this helps!

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Thanks for the answer. So Connected for the first one and disconnected for my failover interfaces right ?

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Just for testing, I’d suggest adding Connected and Disconnected to all interfaces, and then while testing, remove the options that you think are not necessary.

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OK but since the software update to the last one the Failover doesn’t work properly. I have a lot of router in production with the latest version…

I can’t try for you your latest software version and hope it’s works…

We need a solution and your help for solved this issue asap. Before the software upgrade all works properly for the failover configuration without connected and disconnected. And now I am not sure…


Could you clarify what is not working properly?
No issues were noticed with failover, so I’m not sure what issue you’re currently facing.
It should be noted, that if this issue is urgent and affects many devices, you should reach out to your sales manager, reseller, or if neither is an option, fill out the Contact Us form here: Teltonika Networks - LTE Routers, Gateways & Modems for IoT
Since we cannot request any confidential information here, troubleshooting will take much longer.
If you’d rather continue here, please replicate the issue, then navigate to Network → Maintenance → Troubleshoot, and open the System logs.
Paste the logs from the last failover event in your next comment and describe the issue you’re facing. Thank you.

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