RUT950 connect OpenVPN Server to Client

Hi Everyone
I’m trying to connect from a Windows OpenVPN Client to the OpenVPN Server running on the RUT950 with the latest FW 7.6.11. Unfortunately, it stops when it should do the TLS handshake and times out after 60s. According to the OVPN knowledge base this is most likely related to a firewall issue. I’ve tried to connect to it from 2 different PCs with 2 different OVPN client version, 2.5.3 and 2.6.10 with disabled windows FW and from 2 different network. It doesn’t seem to be on the client side.
I have reduced the FW settings as much as I can, but maybe you can help me there. The VPN connection is over mobile with dyndns, it can find the RUT950 without a problem though.
I’ve put all the info in a file, but I can’t upload attachments yet… With screenshots, logs from the client etc.
Thanks for any help.
Best regards

EDIT: Maybe you can download the files from this link: