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I have an RUT950 router in my Concorde motorhome. The router was installed when I bought the motorhome and is Concorde-branded (Label) The router also does not have the Teltonika user interface but a Concorde user interface (Operaating System?). I would like to install the latest firmware for the RUT950 with the official firmware from Teltonika. Is this possible and what is the procedure for overwriting the branded version?

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Since you are using a branded firmware version, we cannot guarantee that overwriting the firmware will work, however you can still give it a try.

If the firmware that you are using is Linux-OpenWRT based, there is a possibility that updating the firmware will work via the use of the command line.

You can find all the firmware downloads for the RUT950 device here: RUT950 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

After downloading the firmware file, you will have to check if the device has free ram by using the command β€œfree”

Afterwards, you will need to upload the file to the device, here’s a guide on how to do it: Upload & Download Files from RutOS - Teltonika Networks Wiki (
You will want to upload the firmware file to the tmp folder.

Finally, you will need to flash the firmware via the command β€œsysupgrade -v /tmp/firmware_image.bin”

You can read more about upgrading the firmware in the OpenWRT documentation: [OpenWrt Wiki] Upgrading OpenWrt firmware using CLI

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Thank you very much viInvin,

can you tell me how I can access the Linux interface? I only have the interface of the branded firmware version available on the web interface.

Unfortunately I am not fully aware of the custom operating system / firmware that you are currently using.

You might want to contact the original supplier of the firmware, perhaps they would be able to assist you further.

Have a wonderful day!

I would like to give some feedback here for anyone who is interested. Firstly, I carried out a factory reset. Then I installed the latest available legacy firmware on the router (6.09.5) using the bootloader functionality. I then configured the router and installed the latest firmware 7.06.10 via the web interface. This all worked without any problems.


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