RUT950 as OpenVPN-client to Opnsense

I’m having some issues with reaching the network behind the RUT950.

The VPN network is
The LAN network behind RUT is

The routes on Opnsense are correct so I can ping (the VPN address of RUT) but I can’t ping (the LAN address of RUT) except on startup. So if I pull the power plug on RUT and put it back in I can ping fo a couple of seconds before it starts up.

That leads me to believe it’s the firewall that’s blocking something. But who am I to decide that :).

I’m actually pretty used to firewalls but I’m “scratching my head” around the logic of the RUT. Is it just me or is it a bit weird? :P.

All I can find is that I need to open the firewall or make a zone forwarding or a static route but I can’t for my life figure out how.

Is there a simple explanatory guide for me to use to make this work?

Updated the RUT950 to the latest available firmware also.


Indeed, this sounds like a firewall issue. Please, navigate to Network → Firewall → General settings and edit the OpenVPN zone. In a new window under Inter-Zone Forwarding, add ‘LAN’ to both, ‘Allow forward to destination zones’ and ‘Allow forward from source zones’.

If this does not help, please share your OpenVPN configurations. Preferably from both devices. Before you share it here, make sure you blur/hide any sensitive information, such as Public IP addresses, keys, etc.

EDIT: You can also try enabling masquerading on the OpenVPN zone if its not enabled.

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