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Is it possible to get a copy of the firmware for RUT500 discontinued router with a functioning openVPN module ? The latest firmware you have on your website for old devices mislead me into installing it and now I can not get openVPN to work, as you have turned it off as a feature. I know it is not supported product, but it is fair to leave a working firmware on your website, not the [RUT5XX_R_01.00.875] version without openvpn.
Can you provide a location for any version of RUT5XX prior to 875 ?

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I found this firmware here, that is a bit older, however, I cannot test is as I don’t have access to a RUT500 where I currently am so proceed with caution

Thank you @PauliusK for the link. However it only has the NW version for the RUT500, not the R version that includes the modem. I tried it and I lost the GSM network comms.


Went looking arround to other colleagues and found this firmware, with R and v 868

You can download here

Thank you @Paulius This firmware worked ! I got openvpn to function again. Seems like this FW should be uploaded as the last version on the teltonika old router firmware site, as everything seems ok with it.

Hi! I need firmware RUT500

Router Name (none)
Router Model Teltonika RUT500
Firmware Version RUT5XX_NW_00.01.805


here you go. Download link

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