RUT360 with VPN


We are traveling with your camper truck through varoius countries and would like to use a VPN service like Cyberghost or Nordvpn. Currently we are in turkey and almost all VPN privider webpages are blocked. I just could get a chat with the helpdesk from Cyberghost. I did send them Screenshots of the router VPN configuration (OpenVpn an IPsec) to check if i can use their service on my router to which our devices are connected (cell phone, laptop, projector to watch Netflix :slight_smile: )
The support from Cyberghost checked the Screenshots i sent and replied that they see no option to load a file which is necessary to use their service.
Can someone help me how to solve this? I would highly appreciate your help.
We are not limitted to Cyberghost but think they would be good for our needs ( not purchased yet).
Please consider that i am no IT specialist. Thank you for your help

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I’m assuming the file you’re referring to is the OpenVPN configuration file, as it’s the most commonly used VPN protocol by providers like CyberGhost, etc.

You can upload this file. When configuring the OpenVPN client, you just need to select “Enable OpenVPN config from file,” and the option to upload the file will appear.

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