RUT360 stopped connecting to internet


I know msny people have already raised this issue but i cant even glean from the replies to their posts how to solve this issue.

I have an RUT360 which i use to connect a data logger to the internet when i place rhe datalogger in rural areas. The RUT360 used to work but it has just stopped connecting to the internet. I haven’t changed settings or updated firmware or anything like that- it just stopped working.

The 3g and 4g leds constantly blink and when i go into the options to try to see what is wrong it seems to be constantly trying to connect to the Internet but it says something like failed to resolve hostname.

Im not a computerbuff so i dont understand all rhe terminology and im really hoping someone will take pity on me and walk me through how to get this working.

Thanks in advance for any help i recieve


To address the connectivity issue with your RUT360, please double-check that the SIM card is securely inserted and has an active data plan.

Perform the following steps for a comprehensive check:

  1. Validate connectivity by inserting the SIM card into your mobile phone.
  2. Configure the Access Point Name (APN) as directed in the detailed instructions found here: Auto APN Configuration Guide.
  3. Double-check the entry of your PIN code for accuracy.

3G and 4G LED blinking means the device is connected to a 3G/4G network but hasn’t received an IP address. For further insights into LED behavior, refer to this guide: RUT360 LEDs.

Additionally, consider resetting the RUT360 and updating the router to the latest firmware version. Firmware updates often bring improvements and bug fixes that can resolve connectivity issues. After the update, check if the problem persists.

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