RUT360 Azure IoT Hub connectivity test

I am following example to test connection between the router and Azure IoT Hub.

I am following this simple example from manual RUTX Azure IoT Hub cloud connection - Teltonika Networks Wiki, though I see that the example is written for the older Firmware version.

I set up Azure IoT hub Messages Type as GSM values and follow this recommendation to test connectivity

* From router side, connect to it with CLI or SSH client and write in command **azure_iothub** and press Enter

- You should get answer that looks something like that, depending on what information you chose to send.

But getting the error

root@RUT360:~# azure_iothub
Usage: azure_iothub -n <ID> -d

If i use Device ID under -n flag like this:

root@RUT360:~# azure_iothub -n MyDeviceId

I am getting:

[Severity ] Message
[Error    ] No UCI configurations parsed
[Error    ] Failed to parse config
[Error    ] Failed to init azure object

What is the proper way to test the connectivity?

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