RUT300x Connecting two networks is this possible?

Hello all,

Apologies if I make some mistakes with my terminology.
I am in the unenviable position of trying to connect two networks where I have not control over the routers or addresses of the equipment.

I have a RUTX300 Router
Port 1 Wan
Port 2 Lan 1 - Network DCHP

What I have on the factory floor is two networks.
The first I have connected to Port 2 of my router it’s network range is 10.0.12.x

I have another network in 192.168.5.x range
On this second network I have a device that is trying to communicate with the address

The device it needs to read from is in Network 1 and has an IP address of

Is it possible to use a port on the router to act as then forward all received information to

Before you ask, I don’t have control of the IP addresses assigned in either network.

Your assistance is appreciated!

Hi Christoo,
I’m not really sure if I understand what you want to achieve.
Let me say what I think you wanf to do:

  • one network 192.168.5.x/ with a device on (=the client)
  • a second network 10.0.12.x/ with a device on (=the server)
  • wants to read data from

Am I correct so far? Then

  • set the LAN side of your router to (assuming that is available)
  • connect to LAN
  • set the subnet mask of to and the
    gatway to
  • set the WAN side of your router to (also assuming that is available)
  • connect to WAN

You might want to disable DHCP on the LAN port.

Methinks that should do it. Maybe you want to set up a few rules in the firewall
to limit access from LAN to WAN.

Timelapse Admin

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