Rut300 rms ssl failure

I have a RUT300 device. I can make an RMS connection to the internet at my home without any problems.
I’m getting an error at my client’s factory.
The device is connected to the Internet.
Time Synchronization successful. NTP is active.
Service And Monitoring ON.
Paid Management Pack 5y. Active.

FW is up to date.

But RMS always fails.
RMS Connection State: Failure(SSL Failure)
Can you help me?


I asked for support from Teltonika Turkey team. I sent all the information and log files, they contacted Abroad and sent me an answer. The answer doesn’t work, and some things are irrelevant. The SIM card model was mentioned, they do not know that my device does not support the SIM card. I will think again before purchasing a Teltonika device. We pay separately for the device, we pay separately for the RMS license, but we cannot establish a connection.

Problem not solved.

We could not activate the device because Teltonika did not help.
A week passed, Nobody helped us.
It will probably be our last work with Teltonika.

Can you paste a screenshot of your RMS settings?
Something like this:


Apologies for the delayed response.

Please, update the device to the latest firmware version v7.07.1 from here with ‘keep settings’ option disabled. Then, check if the device connects with default settings. If not, restore the device to factory settings to clear RMS logs and check again.

Afterwards, if the issue still persists, un-register the device from the RMS and re-add it again.

Kind Regards,

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