RUT260 - internal modem unreachable

Hello dear community,

The problem with inaccessible internal modems seems to be common to several device series - I seem to be affected with my RUT260.

The behaviour observed here is as follows:
The router does not recognise the modem and displays “Internal modem is unreachable”.

I have already tried the following:

  • Up-/Downgrades of RutOS via the WebGUI and also via the bootloader

The strange thing is that the device “sometimes” recognises the modem, but without any recognisable pattern. For example, the modem may be recognised after the third or fourth power cycle, or if the router has not been supplied with power for a long time.

The modem firmware is SLM828G-EU06_1.0.9_EQ100

Is there anything I can do before I return the device via Amazon to the retailer I bought it from?

Thank you very much


I would advise sending it to RMA since the modem being recognized only on the third or fourth cycle seems to indicate a bigger issue than just firmware. At this level, we can provide limited support, and RMA would be the most reliable solution in this case.

Best regards,

Hello Marijus,

thank you. I will do so then and in the meantime will buy a new RUT260 in the hope that the problem will be resolved in a new production batch.

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