RUT260 apn Orange PL

I have a problem with the RUT260 router - cards from Polish operator Orange do not work.
My configurations:

  1. Configuration APN auto - no network.
  2. Manual configuration - no network.
  3. Added operator vouching 26003 - no network.
  4. Added Polish operators guarantee 260 - no network.
    When inside Plus PL sim card - all dan, apn automatical. When inside Orange PL sim card and used manual configuration apn, modem not connecting to network.


Could you please share a screenshot of your router’s WebUI page, specifically the section under:

  • Status → Network → Mobile

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This is all configuration, manual operator, APN settings and added in WAN interface.
Not working :frowning:

Could you try to change PDP type to IPv4 under WAN settings? Also, are you sure that APN is correct?


The situation isn’t good. The device isn’t recognizing the carriers, and the signal readings are very poor. Are the antennas even on? Does the carrier require CHAP authentication? Could you show me how the Status → Network → Mobile* page looks without the APN settings?

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Yes, the APN settings are correct. Changing the DPD type did’t improve anything.

Antennas installed, the operator requires CHAP authentication. The router was tested in two different locations in the city.

Problem solved. Factory reset and re-entering the settings several times helped. Thank you for your suggestions.

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I’m happy to hear that the suggestion helped! If you have any other issues, please let me know.

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