RUT241 unable to Register in RMS

I have an RUT241 that will not add to RMS.

On the router, the device has RMS connection enabled and has the default hostname configured:

My carrier provider shows the router is connected but shows no data usage. I’ve clicked connect now in the local UI to try and force an enrollment and don’t see it connected.

My RMS account has an available credit for enrollment and has the device added. I did have a question on what the password field should include during that enrollment. Is it the default password or the one I configured during the setup wizard?

The error I receive local to device is: Cannot resolve hostname


When adding a device to RMS, the password required is the same as the one used for accessing the device’s WebUI.

If you encounter a ‘Cannot resolve hostname’ error, it indicates that your RUT241 router does not have internet connectivity. Please attempt to ping from the router connected via CLI and let me know if it is successful or not.

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