RUT241 send SMS from MQTT, is it possible?

Hi I’m using a RTU241 with RUT2M_R_00.07.06.3 FW. I was wondering if sending an MQTT command to the router to send an SMS is possible.? I use many small sensors that talk MQTT and it would be very beneficial to send an MQTT message from these devices.
This would be a great future as it would offer many possibilities. I’m aware that this can be done via cURL commands, however, MQTT has become the definite communication protocol for automation and has often replaced ModBus. The ability to queue and prioritization are only some of the benefits.
E.g. create a topic on the router MQTT broker “send_sms” and then all you have to do is publish to that topic { someID, 614676554443, message text} the end-device would subscribe to the topic /someID/SMS/result. The response topic would be generated by the RTU241 on its own or a named MQTT server. TSL implementation would allow for excellent security.

This is the first time I’m using a Teltonica device and I’m amazed by the feature set. This will be my new go-to for failover and remote connectivity.
Thank you you have done an outstanding job.


It’s great to hear that you like the device.

Currently, sending SMS via MQTT command is not directly available. However, it seems like this is a good suggestion. I will forward it to our RnD department for consideration. They might include it in the list of desirable features, but I can’t guarantee you that it will be implemented.

Right now, I would suggest the following:

Use RUTOS API to send SMS or Post/Get SMS functionalities. Both of them would allow you to send SMS by sending POST/GET over HTTP.

However, if you want to use MQTT to send SMS, you can try to do so with a workaround. Here’s what you can try:

  • Enable Modbus TCP Server on RUT. This will allow you to use Modbus to Get/Set parameters on RUT. This includes sending an SMS message via Modbus.
  • Configure MQTT Modbus Gateway. You can find an example here. This will allow you to use MQTT to forward Modbus requests to Modbus servers. In your case, you can forward Modbus requests to Modbus TCP Server running on the RUT241 itself ( For the format of the MQTT message, please refer to this section here.

Let me know how it goes!

Kind Regards,

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