RUT241 RMS issues

Is there any known issues with the RUT241 firmwares?

After working reliable for the past months with no outages almost all our sites went down today with different ISP’s or even with 4g simcards.

Most of them are running 07.06.8 and the 2 bottom ones that are up are running 07.06.10 (i was unable to update the 07.06.8 ones to the latest firmware)


We encountered some issues with the 07.06.8 firmware version, so we removed it from production and replaced it with an improved version, 07.06.10. If you encounter difficulties upgrading your devices from 07.06.8 to 07.06.10, I suggest downgrading them to an older firmware version first and then upgrading to 07.06.10.
Please remember to download a backup file of your devices before downgrading to ensure that no configurations are lost. You can find instructions on how to download and upload a backup file here: Configuration Backup RUtOS

Let me know how it goes and if you need any further assistance!

Best Regards,

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