RUT241 Port forward for 502


I would like to do a port forwarding, with a RUT241 for a Hitachi PLC.

My RUT241 has the address and my plc, when I ping from my pc I can ping the RUT241 and my PLC.

But when I want to configure the port forwarding for MODBUS (PORT:502) to my PLC ( affter that it is not working.
Because I want to communicate my PLC from remote server. I configured firewall and traffic rules.

What solution is possible?

Thanks in advance.



Do you have a public IP address? Or perhaps you are using VPNs?

Could you please double-check if you have default gateway configured on your PLC and its pointing towards RUT241?

Also, for testing purposes, could you please navigate to Network → Firewall and enable masquerading on the LAN => WAN zone?

If this does not help, please share a screenshot of your configurations.

Kind Regards,

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