RUT241 poor performance

I just acquired a RUT241 to replace a TP-Link Archer MR600. The RUT241 performance are very poor when compared to the TP-Link. The RUT241 download speed measured multiple times with Speedtest is on average 4 Mbs, whereas the TP-Link is on average 15 Mbs.

I performed 5 tests per router, using the same Speedtest server and the same laptop. Both routers are in the same spot. Please advise. Thanks.


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In terms of the download speed of the RUT241 device, its connectivity is based on 4G LTE Cat4 with an Ethernet speed of 100 Mbps. When comparing it with TP-Link Archer MR600, latter offers 4G+ Cat6 connectivity with a Dual Band Gigabit Router feature.

The LTE category does have an impact on downloading speed. LTE categories, often referred to as “CAT” followed by a number, indicate the performance capabilities of the cellular modem and the potential download and upload speeds it can achieve. Hence your facing the discrepancy in download speed. because that the speed is lower even when both routers are positioned in the same location.

Choosing a cellular router, with a higher LTE category, usually, results in better performance.

Also you have the option called Routing/NAT Offloading, The device checks whether the flow (sequence of related packets) is of a received a packed is known. Packets of unknown flow are forwarded to the networking stack. Meanwhile, if the flow is known, NAT is applied (if matched) and the packet is forwarded to the correct destination port. This way, the packets are able to traverse though the firewall quicker and it results in better throughput. Navigate to the Network → Firewall → General settings and enable software flow offloading

To know more about RUT241 please visit RUT241 - 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Router

For your reference, We offer Gigabit Routers in Teltonika with higher LTE categories in our portfolio, such as the RUTX** series devices. You can conveniently select a router with a higher ethernet speed according to your preferences.

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