RUT241 no DHCP via WiFi


We have a RUT241 router which works fine, apart from no device can get DHCP via wifi
DHCP works via the wired lan connection, but when you try to connect on wifi the devices cant get an IP address

Tried multiple firmwares, and uploaded the very latest one today RUT9_R_00.07.03.3
Still no joy.

We know the wifi works because the SSID shows on the devices. Also if we do a wifi scan we can see other wifi networks. It just seems that DHCP cant be contacted, even though the mode is access point and lan is selected in the drop down list for network

Any ideas what could be wrong??


Currently the latest firmware release for RUT241 is 07.06.3, so I’d suggest using this firmware for testing. In case there are any configuration issues, you could upgrade the firmware without the option to Keep settings enabled. Keep in mind, that this will erase all configuration from the device.
If that does not help, could you clarify if multiple wireless clients were tested? Perhaps a different network was assigned to the wireless interface?

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Sorry my typo - the router is already on


Have the wireless or LAN settings been changed? Could you attach an image of the SSID configuration page?

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