Rut241 Mobile signal strength

The product just arrived but I’m unable to connect mobile. Looking the signal strength RSSI the value is continuously changing from -73db and -111dbm (see attached image).
I updated to the last firmware RUT2M_R_00.07.06.3
The modem is SLM750-VE with fw: SLM750-V_4.57.20_EQ101

Any suggestion is welcome


This issue was already reported here: RUT 951 modem "problem" after update to latest firmware
It should be noted, that this is only a visual bug, as the internal modem sends incorrect information. It does not affect the device functionality or mobile connection performance.
Thank you for reporting!

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Thanks for reply.
At that point I still have real connection problems… I’ll try to investigate more in deep

It was a DNS issue not related to Router.

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