RUT241 Lock APN

I am trying to setup the new RUT241 and locking it to a operator Telstra and APN telstra.extranet

The WebUI now seems to have have lookups operators and APN database settings
when I leave it on auto it connects ok - but our SIM cards support multple APN, so I want to choose the one I need.

if I click scan for operators - it returns none.

could you advise the correct settings in the new UI for : Network-General, APN Database, and Netwrok Operators table to ensure we lock to the specified apn


You can navigate to Network → Wan → Mobile interface (mob1s1a1 for example) → edit, disable AutoAPN and put manual APN that you like. :slight_smile:

If you want to stay with AutoAPN and use specific APN for this operator only, then download APN Database webui using package manager and remove all not required APNs from your operator list.

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