RUT241 Hotspot login error (RUT2M_R_00.07.05)

Hi all.

I can’t login in my hotspot portal , I see this error inspecting the page:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘length’)
at ChilliMD5.fromHex (ChilliMD5.js:44:27)
at ChilliMD5.pap (ChilliMD5.js:52:22)
at form.onsubmit (HotspotLogin.js:102:26)

Error with Configuration profile = “Default” in my Hotspot instance ; if I change with “Hotspotsystem” , same config with LocalUsers as Auth mode , it works



What are you using for authentication when connecting to RUT241? Did you make any changes to the Hotspot page or anything similar? It seems that there are issues reading some of the credentials on the login form.

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Hi AndzejJ

We are using “Default” and we didn’t change the page.

Now, If we use “Hotspot systems” option, it works



Based on the

The issue is with the password provided on the authentication page (or its hashing).
If you are sure that you did not change anything, and you add users in Services → Hotspot → Local users, but still receive this error, then it might be that something in the hotspot package that got corrupted. Please, try removing the package and reinstalling it.

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