RUT241 has 4g internet access but laptops dont

Hi, I have a new RUT241. Its connected to the 4G network. I can connect mobiles and one Windows laptop to my mesh/lan network and the internet is OK.

I have 3 other laptops which are running windows 10&11, which connect to the network lan/wifi, but will not connect to the internet.

It seems that there is something in windows security which does not like this router. The laptops are very standard, using Windows Defender only. I have spent hours troubleshooting with no luck. I have changed routers before with no problem, there is something strange going on here.

Any support or clues would be greatly appreciated as I’m slowly going NUTS!!! Please help!

Well this is useless! I’ve worked in IT for a long time and this should just work, Im not doing anything speacial. Sending this back and looking for another solution. Its a real shame as this was first impressions of Teltonika.

Sounds like something specific to your situation? Have multiple 241’s, 955’s, 956’s & X50’s running over Win7, 8, 8.1 & 10 (do not have Win11) without issue.

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