Rut241 fw 07.07

Hi all,
with new fw 07.07 the modem on rut241 is two times slower to connect to 4G band on same condition.

Exactly we passed from 1min30sec to be online to 2.55 to be online…

That’s for me is awful since my webApp is synced with 1.30 connecting time.

Any idea about how to solve?


try manual APN settings, this could help get faster connection.

thanks, but already done and performances are not better

Do you think could be possible load a minimun config, or a different fw, in order to reach the old and stable 1min30sec speed?

Mine goes up in 1m45s, you could try to disable unused services over ssh, might help. Nothing much to offer from me.

I have a couple of RUT241 with MeiG modems with connection dropping and slow modem initialization with Vodafone Spain and another operators, for the moment I downgraded to 07.04.5 and works without issue for now.

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