RUT241 and relayd

I was trying to configure a RUT241 running the latest and greatest firmware (RUT2M_R_00.07.06.3) to extend a wireless network according to instructions at:

According to the instructions I should setup the relayd package, which I did. No problem there.

However, the UI on the device does not match the pictures on the wiki page, so I tried to find where the new functionality introduced by the package goes in the new UI. And there I ran into trouble: I didn’t find it!

Going through pretty much everything in the web UI I spotted no change compared to how things looked before. I then tried removing the package and checking what disappeared, but still no luck - everything looked the same to me. I rebooted the device after package setup and after its removal just in case that would be required for changes to take effect.

So, does this package even work with the current firmware? And if it does, where in the Web UI is the stuff it adds?

Maybe it’s so subtle I missed it, could be, but I just couldn’t figure it out on my own despite really spending some time looking.

OK, found it in Network->Wireless->Relayd.

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