RUT240 with Starlink

I’m connecting a RUT240 via PoE to a Starlink dish.

If RUT240 and the Starlink dish are powered together, the antenna (Starlink) is ready only after 4-5 minutes.
The router is ready much earlier and, when the Starlink antenna is ready, the router cannot connect via DHCP. Rebboting the router solves the issue.

Doesn’t the RUT240 periodically trying to get a WAN address via DHCP?

Can this get configured at RUT240? If so, how?



The router should periodically try to get a WAN address. Is the RUT240 receiving an IP address on its WAN interface?

You can try using the Ping_reboot service. It is located under System → Maintenance → Auto Reboot.

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  • We use the RUT240 on a Starlink antenna. Every time we switch on the Starlink antenna and the RUT240, we have to restart the router after a certain time, then the router works. We know that the Starlink antenna needs about 5 minutes to be ready.

  • You write that the router periodically tries to establish the connection. At what intervals?


You can customize interval and other functional settings to suit your operational needs. More information on Ping reboot for the RUT240 can be found here:

RUT240 Auto Reboot Documentation

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