Rut240 unable to connect abroad

Hi all.

Bit of a beginner here so please bare with me.

Had a Rut240 in my campervan for 2 years no issues with an EE SIM with roaming activated. Done a European trip not long after installation, with no issues apart from occasionally having to reset to load a new connection when entering a new country. No issues in the UK.

Just headed out on a new trip, and can’t get the system/SIM to connect to a network. Checked with EE and they said it wasn’t but it is now set for roaming. I did another reset but still no luck.

Connection state shows Failed to Resolve host name
Operator N/A
Operator State N/A but sometimes shows Not Registered
Cell ID N/A
Data connection state Disconnected
Network Type N/A but sometimes shows no service

SIM card state inserted
iMSI N/A but sometimes shows a number
iCCID N/A but sometimes shows a number

Any ideas or help much appreciated as I’m only two days into a month trip!



please try the following checks for your RUT240:

  • Ensure you have set the correct APN on your RUT240;
  • Ensure SIM PIN is available;
  • Ensure you have enabled the roaming toggle on the WebUI;
  • If any updates to the modem firmware are available, please update it.

If the checks above have not resolved the issue, please try to upgrade the device firmware by following this guide: RUT240 Firmware - Teltonika Networks Wiki and RUT240 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Thank you.

Best regards,
Alam N.

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