RUT240 two different LAN and mobile wan

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I would like to ask how to set up the Teltonika RUT240 for two different LAN networks. My first LAN is in the IP range 10.64.30.XX and the second is in the range 10.64.50.XX. I need port forwarding to work between networks and at the same time I need to use a mobile connection for IP 10.64.30.XX. Is there a solution for this task? Thank you very much for your answer.


It seems like VLANs is what you are looking for. I suggest taking a look at our wiki pages here and here.

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thank you for your suggestions. I will try it :slight_smile:

Dear AndzejJ,

i ve created VLAN1 (RUT240 has interface based), then I created test LAN with following settings:

Here’s my networks topology (for better understanding):

I have no ping to port with IP with interface VLAN1 in test LAN configuration. But if I change physical settings in test LAN from VLAN1 to ETH1, then i have ping.

Another question is i need only mobile wan, not wired, so i disabled wired wan and wan6. Is it right?

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Apologies, since RUT240 has only LAN and WAN, then you LAN2 in the physical settings should be attached to ETH1.

In this case, there should be no issues with disabling WAN, since it it uses ETH1 physical interface, which in your case is now attached to LAN2.

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Hello Andzej,

i did it - changed interface for VLAN2 to ETH1. I want to ask you something different. If i trying to ping smtp gmail from teltonika does it menas that i am trying to ping it from LAN or from internal teltonika cpu? Does it means if i have ping that i am able to connect to smtp from lan? Thank you in advance.


When you use a SIM card to send data over the internet, your data goes through a process called Network Address Translation (NAT). This means that the original source IP address from your local network is hidden and replaced with the IP address of your SIM card. You can find this SIM card IP address in your interface settings. For this, navigate to Network → Interfaces → mob1s1a1 interface (if using SIM slot 1). This IP address is assigned by your mobile operator when you connect to their network.

Sometimes, your mobile operator might apply additional NAT as your data travels through their network. This can result in a different public IP address for your internet connection compared to the one shown on your mobile interface. To check your public IP address as seen on the internet, you can visit websites like whatismyip here.

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