RUT240 slow on AT&T network

I have an RUT240 that connects on AT&T network via LTE. The modem is connected at a VERY SLOW SPEED. When I perform a speedtest, I get 0.05Mbps download with 0.04Mbps upload and an average ping time of 164ms. I am not sure where to turn as I have spoken with AT&T multiple times and have been told that there are no issues on their end. My phone in the same location connects with excellent speed. The modem is showing a signal strength of -65 dBm. I have tried both Auto APN and broadband as suggested online. I am on AT&T’s prepaid data plan, just signed up and powered the modem but can’t really do anything online at this speed. Please advise


Yes, speed like this should not happen unless there’s a serious signal quality or another issue. Could you please provide a screenshot of the Status → Network → Mobile section of the device’s WebUI? Also, please check if the antennas are connected correctly, screwed on tightly, and undamaged.

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Thank you for the reply. Please find the attached screenshots requested. I have the firmware on the device to 7.06.12 and am getting a message that the modem firmware should be updated but it will not complete this update, most likely due to the low speed and requirement to update that over the air. The modem firmware is EC25AFAR05A04M4G.and the Kernel version is 5.4.259.

Hi, maybe it’s possible to connect the router to other internet source like wired WAN or WiFi and then perform module update?

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As iBoucher mentioned, using another WAN source for the firmware update could be a solution.

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