RUT240 RMS Connection Issue

I have a deployed RUT240 that was previously connected and working with RMS.

The device became unreachable via RMS so we removed and re-added it to RMS.

The device is showing as “Not Activated” and the only response we have from the device is “Device has attempted to connect to the system.”

I have also tried to SMS the device, which provided no response.

The 4G sim is definitely operating as the] live feed from an attached camera is still operating.

I have removed and re-added the RUT240 to RMS several times with no change, are there any other methods of contact I can try?

The fact that it’s not responding via SMS makes me think we have an incorrect password recorded, however we are not getting that error from RMS.

Help would be very much appreciated!


From RMS, check if you have monitoring enabled and that you have enough credits. To do so, select your device in RMS → Device → Manage Services and ensure that ‘monitoring’ toggle is enabled:

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Thanks Andzej,

Screenshot below to show that we have spare credits and the monitoring flag is on.


Without access to the device, it is hard to say what can be the issue here. I would suggest checking the device if possible. For example, check what error is displayed in Services → Cloud Solutions → RMS. Maybe it will be enough to restart the service/device, maybe you will need to add a DNS server if the error says that it is unable to resolve a hostname, for example. If the device is in a remote location and it is hard to get access, I would suggest contacting your designated sales manager or reseller from whom you have purchased the device. This way, you will be able to provide the necessary information over a private communication channel and the RMS team will be able to look into the issue from the RMS side. This way, you will be able to know where the issue is coming from.

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