Rut240 PDU binary SMS


i want to send Binary sms via teltonika router.

Trying to do this via SSH:
gsmctl -A AT+CMGF=0
After command gsmctl -A AT+CMGS=19 i get timeout. what could be issues?


You can’t achieve it with gsmctl because it provides only minimal functionality for interacting with the modem. However, you can accomplish it via SSH by following these steps:

  1. Type “/etc/init.d/gsmd stop” and press Enter.
  2. Enter “microcom /dev/ttyUSB2” and press Enter.
  3. Input “ATE1” and press Enter; you should receive an “OK” response.
  4. Next, type “AT+CMGF=0” and press Enter; you should receive an “OK” response.
  5. Then, type “AT+CMGS=19”; you will see “>” prompt - here, paste your PDU code and press Ctrl+Z.

This is how you can send messages via SSH using AT commands. However, please note that when you execute the “/etc/init.d/gsmd stop” command, your modem will become unreachable. To restore accessibility, you will need to run the command “/etc/init.d/gsmd start”.

If there’s anything else you need help with, please feel free to ask.

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Hi Marija,

thank you for replay, after entering commands i receive constant ping:
+QCSQ: “LTE”,-64,-98,116,-14

+QCSQ: “LTE”,-64,-98,112,-14

+QCSQ: “LTE”,-64,-98,109,-14

+QCSQ: “LTE”,-70,-98,104,-14

+QCSQ: “LTE”,-70,-98,108,-14

+QCSQ: “LTE”,-70,-98,106,-14

+QCSQ: “LTE”,-70,-98,108,-14

+QCSQ: “LTE”,-70,-98,109,-14

is there a way to stop this?


If you wish to stop the outputs, you can enter the “AT+QCSQ=0” command. This command will stop the messages from the device for a while until you restart it, giving you a break from the constant stream of responses.

Please inform me if you require assistance with anything else.

Best Regards

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