RUT240 Lan Timeout

I am trying to set up a RUT240, but when connecting to the (yet unconfigured) router via LAN, I always get a timeout. I tried different cabels, different computers (inlcuding one I used to set up other Rut 240s and 241s before) but everytime i try to connect to the usual I get a timeout.

Using Windows 10, the network monitor recognizes the LAN network but is unable to identify it, stating it is an unidentified network. Windows Troubleshooter (not sure about english name since I am not native) states that the ethernet does not have a valid IP-configuration. Any Ideas whats behind the issue? I did configure a bunch of Rut 240/241s before and havent encountered this problem before.


Make sure that your PC is not connected to other networks that may have devices with the same IP address. In this case, the PC may try to communicate with those devices instead of RUT240.

Also, check your PC and make sure that DHCP (obtain IP address automatically) is enabled on your ethernet adapter.

If these steps do not help, try resetting the router to factory defaults via a button as described here.

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Thanks for your feedback! I did try to connect to it via LAN-Cable while in Airplane Mode. DHCP is switched on. I did reset it using that button at least twice.


Are you able to ping the device from your PC?

After pinging, check the arp table on the PC (arp -a). Do you see the router?

Does you PC get an IP address? Check with ‘ipconfig’ command. If not, try setting an IP address manually to something like

If your PC gets an IP address and the router responds to pings, try using a different web browser, incognite mode, and/or clearing cache.

If this does not help, try to perform the bootloader procedure as described here.

In case the issue persits even after the bootloader procedure, then, assuming that the device is still under warranty, I would suggest contacting your sales manager or reseller from whom you have purchased the device, to proceed with RMA procedure.

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Thank you for those tips. However, pinging does not work. In order to use the bootloader procedure I am, according to the documentation, supposed to connect a LAN-cable. Is it supposed to be connected to both the router and the computer or just the router?


Yes, you need to connect the LAN cable to both, your PC and the router. There’s a more detailed guide here.

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