RUT240 Factory Password Incorrect

I have successfully done a factory reset, and the unit has returned to a default IP

I am able to do Telnet via Putty to it

However, when I try the default password, “admin01,” it doesn’t work.

The unit has a batch number 095; therefore, the above password should be valid.

When I scan the QR code, all I get is the wifi password, but not the device one.

What other options do I have?


  • Please verify on the router bottom label whether the password is indeed ‘admin01’.

  • Have you attempted to connect to the router via SSH or via WebUI? If so, did you encounter an issue with the password? Were you presented with a message indicating that the password was incorrect? If there was no message indicating an incorrect password, the connection problem may be caused by something else.

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As I have explained in my original post, the unit has access info printed on it: “admin/admin01”

When I scan the QR code (on the back side), it only provides me with the Wi-Fi password.

If I try to connect via Ethernet, over wifi, or even Telnet (via Putty), it gives me the answer that the password is wrong.

Does this help?

What is FW version? Could you try to reflash FW via bootloader menu?


Thank you for the information. Regarding the QR code on the device, yes, it is indeed used to scan and connect to the device’s WiFi network. With this QR code, you will not obtain any additional device information.

As an alternative, you may want to try accessing the Bootloader menu. The bootloader menu serves as a recovery tool in case the router becomes inaccessible even after a factory reset. It allows you to upgrade the router’s firmware or bootloader version, potentially resolving the issue you’re experiencing.

Let me know if it helped!

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