RUT240 doesnt seem to store QoS setting as part of the profile

New to using a RUT240, i’m impressed with the device.

One question though: if i set QoS to say WiFI_WAN (max download and upload speed 1000 kb/s) and create a profile ‘QoS1000’, and i unset QoS- to WiFi_WAN and create another profile ‘QoSUnlimited’, the QoS settings do not follow subsequent profile changes. Once the QoS is set, changing the profile does not affect the QoS setting while i was expecting it to.

Latest OTA firmware loaded.


I have tried to replicate this, but the QoS was applied whenever the profiles was switched.

Could you please more details about the issue? What are your settings? How are you switching the profile?

Is it possible that the profiles have different default routes? Maybe one of the profiles is configured with a wired WAN or mobile interface as the main WAN?

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